Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Ideal Prospects, and Start Landing 4-8 New Clients A Month

Prospecting Works!

What do Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, and IBM all have in common? They all do cold outreach and prospecting.

Why do some of the richest companies on the planet with massive advertising budgets still use good old fashioned cold outreach? Because it still works.

And it lets you target the customers you really want.

Over the years I've learned two things about prospecting.

1) It's a really effective way to gain high quality clients and

2) It's a bit of a grind and difficult to keep up with especially when you consider all the other tasks that keep you busy on a daily basis - prospecting often ends up on the back burner.

We've solved #2 in the easiest way possible - we do it for you so you don't have to worry about it.

It's like having that trusted "right hand man" handling all your prospecting for you turning all the outreach, follow-up, and communication into appointments booked on your calendar!

Results Focused (We originally built this for ourselves)

Like many agencies, we originally started prospecting for ourselves to book appointments and get clients and only after we were able to generate more than we needed internally did we start taking on clients so we know how important it is to book quality appointments that actually pick up the phone and show up for calls.

We are focused on setting appointments that turn into clients and revenue.

How It Works

My team will do prospecting on your behalf and get your booked appointments and calls from interested prospects.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting from building the list, writing a custom follow-up sequence based on your offer, sending the emails, handling the replies, and scheduling appointments on your calendar.

All you need to do is show up for your scheduled appointments ready to explain and sell your services.

Guaranteed Results

We know that a lot of advertising initiatives fall flat - they simply don't produce results. We do things differently.

If you'd like to learn how we can help you fill your pipeline with quality appointments, start by watching our short video.

Social Media Management

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