Never Wonder Where Your Next Client Is Coming From

I'm looking to partner with 3 more businesses who'd like to get a predictable, reliable, multi-channel client acquisition system in place.

Never Wonder Again, "Where Is My Next Client Coming From?"

If you've ever lied awake at night wondering where you're going to get more paying clients...

If you've ever dreaded going into the office on Monday because your pipeline is empty...

If you've ever had the feeling of despair when looking at your calendar and noticed you don't have a single sales call scheduled...

I can help!

As you may (or may not if we just connected) know, my agency offers a done for your prospecting service. We do outreach using cold email and LinkedIn in addition to paid ad funnels to find interested prospects and book calls on your calendar.

In the nearly 2 years of offering this service, we’ve set thousands of appointments for our clients.

But there's always been one nagging issue, it's always been a time consuming grind.

Until Now.

We learned something.

Prospecting Doesn't Have To Suck!

(But it usually does)

When I was first getting started as an "ad agency" I took the opportunity to tag along for a day with a sales rep at another company.

He had several calls that his team had lined up for him for that day.

And I did get a lesson that day.

It wasn't about how to sell, though.

Every single "appointment" he had was trash. People who said they never agreed to talk. They weren't even in the office the day the call was scheduled. And so on. It was a complete disaster - not one single good call.

What I learned was that traditional "appointment setting" sucks.

Back to the drawing board.

So we built our own system instead.

And two things happened. 1) My systems set far fewer appointments. 2) Those appointments actually showed up and were far more likely to buy.

And that's how Marketing Effects came to start doing B2B prospecting - we took our what worked for us internally and started offering it to other companies and sales team who also were sick of garbage sales calls.

We take a customized approach to each client to help them stand out. So if you're looking for a cookie cutter, copy and paste, boring message campaign being sent out by some VA sweat shop in Bangladesh... that's not us.

But if you'd love to have regular appointments that show up, are actually interested in your offer, and often turn into paying clients, I'd love to chat further.

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""I started out selling CDs on eBay from my dorm room in college back in the year 2000. It's been an adventure ever since.

Having watched and participated in the evolution of digital marketing for the past 20 years, I can tell you the tactics have changed dramatically but the fundamentals haven't changed. I'd like to help you uncover the opportunities in your business and help you apply them so you can grow your agency and get more clients. ".

Gary Ruplinger